Operation and Maintenance (Enterprise Management)

High Technic Facility Management Team is a corporate business partner that will plan, create, manage and update the places you need to work in Azerbaijan and Turkey.

We are creating a period of sustainable development. We are looking for new ways to reduce costs and improve quality in your FM operations to achieve a competitive advantage

Testing and commissioning and TAB

As HighTechnic, we aim to save 8% – 20% of the money spent on those in the building that are not commissioned in the Building operation.

In addition to achieving documented cost savings and financial avoidance, testing and commissioning with TAB increases customer satisfaction by promoting appropriate training for the Operations and Maintenance staff of the owner, which increases the longevity and efficiency of the system.

Service Support

High Maintenance Support providing all necessary MEP and BMS maintenance services on a monthly, annual maintenance contract basis.

Technical Audit and Energy Saving

As HighTechnic, which provides Construction Technical Audit services with our expert team in a timely manner to save energy.

Specialty areas

  • Mechanics and plumbing services

  • Electrical Projects design and execution services

  • Electronic Project Design and Execution Services

Electronic Project Design and Execution Services

  • Building automation system

  • Building Management System

Mechanical & Filling Design and Services

  • Pipeline

  • Heating systems

  • Cooling systems

  • Ventilation

  • Conditioners

  • Cold rooms

  • Drainage systems

  • Water Treatment Systems

  • Sanitary systems

  • Sewage systems

  • Channel

  • Rejoicing

Electrical Projects Design and Execution Services

  • Medium Voltage applications

  • Low Voltage Applications

  • Additional low voltage applications

  • Internal and external electrical service applications

  • Indoor lighting applications