Organize the world around you
eDocu brings you the right information on the spot


Receive a complex, dynamic documentation of the facility, replacing piles of papers outdated and never used after the facility handover.

Engineering firms and architects

Archive  and  share  documents with your project team members  via eDocu  to  get  change orders  right after they are issued and your RFI’s answered faster.

eDocu Construction management

How  about a system that helps you  organize information about   maintenance requirements of your devices? It will assist you with due dates, scope and requirements. Never slip on your SLA standards and monitor your subcontractors easily. Your technicians can efficiently prepare for on-site visits and always carry the right tools and equipment thanks to direct interactive links between devices and information in the database. Devices have iTags (QR, NFC, BLE, GPS) to facilitate direct access to the information and checklists on the spot.

eDocu Inventory

Inventory made easy! Enjoy easy implementation through smartphones, with paperless and smooth inventory check process via Itags (QR, NFC, barcodes). Unlimited number of people can also perform the inventory check simultaneously, while no extra expensive proprietary devices are required. At the same time they can also use the system to update information regarding the maintenance, checks, servicing or direct ordering via iTags.

eDocu Asset Management

Are you an asset-intensive company? Then you know well that assets don’t just “sit” there —they require your attention and money: handovers, repairs, assignments, revisions, inspections, checks, storage, safety… What if all of this was automatically managed for you? Imagine your people with no need for a PC or paperwork — they can manage all asset-related tasks via mobile devices, e.g. handovers with biometric signature.

eDocu Smart Meter Reading

How about a simple, intuitive tool that will make self meter readings easy and fast for everyone? With eDocu Smart Meter Reading, self meter readings are directly done by a mobile OCR application (accessible via regular smartphone camera) that instantly creates trustful records about actual consumption status. The whole process is intuitive and easy, therefore no specific IT knowledge is required. At the same time customers get immediate access to their own consumption overviews, invoicing history etc.


Manage the whole project lifecycle from feasibility through to facilities management, maintaining all documents and communication in one secure, easy to access location.

Easy access

Right after scanning the NFC or QR code an authorised person can see the information about particular device on their smartphone.
Work records, notes or evidence can be added with only two clicks.